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I RULE [27 Jan 2002|11:01pm]
HAHAHAHA!! I got in to both of the a capella groups I tried out for--now which one do I join?? AAHHHH! I can't take the pressure!
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crazy [14 Dec 2001|04:42pm]
i'm actually going to be back home on Tuesday night. nutty. good to see everyone. but what to do for a month? I think I shall go barmy. Took two finals today. history and econ. am tired. will get drunk tonight, and tomorrow will do more work. sleepy.....
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something I should have learned a long time ago [10 Nov 2001|09:36am]
stop drinking before you can't remember what's going on. probably a good rule of thumb, at least for me. all I remeber of last night is: 1. falling over while dancing, 2. falling into some girl while dancing and spilling punch on her, 3. throwing up into Mat's trash can, 4. wakingup at about 430 to find that Dylan was snoring loudly and stumbling up to my room and collapsing into my bed. There are vague other things that I think/know happened, but I couldn't tell you when or why or how. still fun to be wildly drunk.
going to be nonviolent at haverford. john Lewis is cool.
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[09 Nov 2001|12:54am]
a little confused about the world at present--or at least, my level of confusion has risen above normal levels. boys are just as cryptic as girls. if anyone can explain them in a satisfactory manner, I will....whatever, it's getting late, and I still have a headache. worried about all you guys. Excited about the SOA protest--finally on the right coast. woohoo. went to see a really cool talk by an economist who advocated community organizing and living wage laws. He was talking about labor standards, and he said something like "The debate is not whether or not to have labor standards, but what they should be. SO once you accept that there should be standards, why would you set them at poverty levels? I think you'll have a hard time justifying it."
Don't hate playreaders, you all. If you want something different, tell Debbie. You all know you can.
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[07 Nov 2001|11:58pm]
headache. blah. feel silly for not being able to think of work that I have to do. I know, I will have work soon enough, but still. Playreaders making me come into the world of online talk. hehe. No reason to be this tired. Went for a crum run today--so pretty this time of year. Leaves float down looking like birds until they get so close that you want to chase them--catch a leaf, make life happier. today's lesson--return your own damn library books. tried to get sarah to return it this morning, but she forgot, and someone else wanted it. so I got nasty message from libarian. but oh well.
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